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Frequently Asked Questions

Will This Guarantee That I Pass?

Although there are no guarantees PA will greatly enhance your study and exam preparation.

Can I Use This On My Mobile Phone?

Yes. PA is entirely responsive – designed to be mobile friendly and a tool you can access anywhere, anytime.

Does The Website Include Spot Tests?

Yes! Our in-house medical illustrator has developed spot tests that are hand-drawn to simplify the dissection but still keep it challenging.  

Is This Useful For My Specialty Exam?

Yes. We cover all question types for all anatomical regions in detail. Tailor your study sessions to your specialty-specific surgical exam.

Is PA Useful For Other Exams?

Yes. We have had considerable uptake from trainees preparing for other primary exams including ED, Radiology, Sports Medicine and the MRCS.

Is PA On Social Media?

Yes. We run a highly active social media account providing you with a host of interesting surgical content, MCQs, spot tests and journal articles.

How Do I Get Started?

Subscribe and you will be immediately re-directed to your personalised site. Get studying now.

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