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Harvey Cushing

Harvey Cushing (1869-1939) is considered to be the father of modern neurosurgery. His host of achievements ranged from pioneering important surgical techniques, introducing non-invasive sphygmanometry, to being the first person to describe Cushings disease.

What is less well known, however, was his talent for illustration and his appreciation for visual communication. In his years at John Hopkins, Cushing’s drawing skills greatly improved under the guidance of the famous illustrator Max Brodel. He would regularly add detailed drawings to his operative notes and is responsible for many of the artworks found in his numerous publications.

As our own medical illustrators favourite artist, Harvey is truly a multi-talented genius. 

To learn more about Harvey Cushing, visit the Cushing Center online. Harvey’s extensive collection of neurological specimens and drawings can be found at Yale University and would be well worth a visit one day.



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