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Example of Primary Anatomy's GSSE Flashcard set

Over 7,000 GSSE Anatomy Flashcards

Called down to theatre to assist with a cervical node clearance? Or on your new rotation and about to start a TKR with Prof? A quick revision of your anatomy might come in handy…!

This can make or break a term. Make a good impression and they might just hand you the scalpel.

With this and the GSSE in mind we are super excited to present our new GSSE flashcard bank!

We have been in the process of making some big upgrades to the PA website which now includes a huge flashcard set, created directly from the RACS syllabus and prescribed text (Last’s 9th Edition).

Our flashcard bank has been designed to help study on the go, giving bite sized information fast, and allowing you to work systematically through anatomical subregions!

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