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The Gamma Knife

The application of new technology to the field of surgery is such an exciting area and is expanding at an exponential rate.

The gamma knife is one example of the power of innovation to revolutionise surgical intervention. This technology now allows previously inoperable cases a powerful treatment option.

From a conceptual perspective the gamma knife (stereotactic radiosurgery) is the next step from targeted radiotherapy – by focusing hundreds of low intensity radiation beams, high intensity radiation can be delivered with micron accuracy, vaporizing tissue at the point of convergence.

Not only is the gamma knife non-invasive but can treat multiple metastatic lesions in a single day-only procedure. Although mostly seen in the field of neurosurgery, the gamma knife will likely play a significant role in multiple specialties.


An incredibly exciting time to be commencing your surgical career with the rapid adoption and application of revolutionary technology!




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