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surgical education video of a reverse total shoulder replacement operation.

The Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement

The reverse total shoulder replacement is a fascinating concept and has become the gold standard for rotator cuff arthropathies. By reversing the ‘ball and cup’ of the GHJ stability (usually provided by the now damaged rotator cuff) is maintained and movement of the shoulder can then be produced by the deltoid muscle. Indications include; a non-functional rotator cuff, cuff tear arthropathy, pseudoparalysis and some proximal humeral fractures. A baseplate is first secured to the reamed glenoid with screws, the glenosphere (ball) is then secured to the baseplate, a humeral stem is inserted into the humeral canal and a socket then attached to the stem. Check out the final X-ray to see how the anatomy has been reversed. And look at that full thickness cartilage wear on the humeral head!

Check out the full video with commentary at:




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