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GSSE practice question (Spot test) on the anatomy of the trachea to assist candidates with their GSSE study

Trachea – Spot Test

We understand that many of you are likely to be, or have already been, enlisted in the fight against COVID19.

More than ever your knowledge of cardiorespiratory physiology is paramount. It might not have been in your plan for the year but use this time to master your understanding of the anatomy and physiology of this complex and fascinating system.

A. Name the blood vessel supplying the structure labelled A and the artery from which it branches.

B. The structure labelled B lies to which side of the midline?

C. Bronchial veins draining the structure labelled C empty into which main vessel of the systemic venous system?

D. An inhaled foreign body is most likely to be found in which of the labelled structures?



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